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Portfolio Management

Link capital-intensive IT initiatives directly to business strategy and effectively manage your portfolio of ongoing IT projects, assets, and investments with IT portfolio management services from Nextonic. IT portfolio management groups projects and initiatives into actively managed program portfolios to achieve specific business objectives, while retaining the flexibility to meet changing business needs. Add new initiatives, terminate old projects, expand or reduce the scope of current projects and reallocate resources as needed. Our IT portfolio management services enable the key processes, discipline, and expertise necessary to accomplish business objectives and maximize the strategic value of your IT investments.

Nextonic's IT portfolio management services combine analysis processes, techniques, and tools that enable an information visualization approach for improved governance and investment clarity. Our integrated framework helps your organization master the increasing complexity of your IT portfolio with effective program planning and execution, ongoing governance and active management, and selection of investments with the greatest potential.


Our IT portfolio management team offers vast experience with leading complex enterprise-wide business technology program portfolios. Implement a portfolio that seeks the greatest possible return within the context of your investment objectives. Achieve a balanced mix of investment types and variables, such as timing, risk, resources, and target. IT portfolio management services from Nextonic enable your organization to make better-informed investment decisions, improve governance and program visibility and pursue strategic priorities that add to the bottom-line.

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