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Life Sciences

Nextonic is involved in all aspects of Life Sciences from bench work in laboratories, to the analysis of data created by research, to the distribution of this data to scientists, clinicians, and patients. Using a unique combination of domain expertise and technology experience, we design solutions that enable customers to better use and disseminate research and data. Nextonic's solutions are not driven by a technology product or software. We provide vendor agnostic, strategic approaches to improve quality, reduce risk, and provide a tangible return on investment.

Basic/Bench Science Research

Nextonic works directly supporting science and technology at the bench across all vaccine, immunology, and infectious disease domains.


Process Design and Development

Our team provides support for research that leads to the development of new vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics.


Assay Development

Our team creates assays to be used in research on infectious diseases and vaccine development through innovative new processes.

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